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MLA Formatting

03 Jan 2017

The grade that you can get for your paper depends not only on the content but on the right formatting too. All institutions all over the world have certain standards for the style of academic writings. One of the most wide-spread formatting styles is MLA, arranged by Modern Language Association. 

After some practice, every student can get used to writing in this format.
Its features are not complicated, if you stick to them, you can become skilled MLA paper writer and get excellent marks for your writing.

Where to use it

Usually, teachers indicate the formatting style of the paper in instructions. You will be required to write an essay in MLA if you study disciplines included in liberal arts and humanities fields. So, if you study Literature or History, you have to master this citation style. 
Every writing that you complete during the studies must differ from the text that you write for not educational purposes. That is why exist standards that help to distinguish academic essay from other types of writings. It will be weird you write a letter to your friend in MLA style as if you write a research paper in fiction style. will help you!

Page format

When you type your essay on the computer, you must fix special options to may your document written in MLA style. First of all, you must set all margins (top, bottom, and sides)to one inch (1") throughout the whole document. All text must be double-spaced. Make the font 12-point and use whether Arial or Times New Roman. 
Both these fonts meet MLA style essay standards, consult your teacher which one he accepts.

In-Text citations

Writing an academic paper requires research on a topic. You cannot always use your own point of view because you are only a student. It is required to study papers of trustworthy scholars to support your thoughts. In this case, you must make credentials to the sources you use. So, you can use citations from other sources if you cite them properly.

MLA format has specific requirements to it. You have to indicate the source you used in parentheses after the sentence. Put there author’s name and page number. 
Don't forget to include the full reference in the list of cited sources.

The list of sources

On the last page of the essay formatted in MLA, you must include a reference list. Even if you used one source, you must note in there in the right format. Start this page with the header “Works Cited”. Then, gather available information to format each source. It is good if you have the author`s name, the title of his work, the name of the publishing house and the year of publishing.

Organize the items you find in such way:

Picoult, J.Small Great Things. A Novel. Knopf, 1994.

How to get MLA paper help

If after our instructions you still feel unsure about your ability to format the paper in this style we have an offer for you. At our website, you can buy MLA style paper and get free from this assignment. The process of formatting is not as captivating as text writing, so we can make all boring work for you.

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