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Harvard Business School turns down 89% of applicant’s based on their business school essays and general knowledge in the subject.

Some might say it’s insane, and those 11% that qualify for getting MBA at Harvard would admit those guys simply weren’t good enough.

Today Harvard business school essays are considered the best MBA application read in the world. Columbia business school essays are considered the second best thematic read, while Stanford business school essays mark off the TOP-3.

As a rule, the entrance essays are available on the Internet, so you can easily lay eyes on a paper that got Donald Trump into earning his MBA, for example.

But when it comes to writing your own business essay, trouble camps at every corner. As a rule, the main problem lies in students not being able to express their thoughts and ideas clearly in a written form. Too bad for them, as this skill is one of the foundations of a great businessman. So keep your ears open for the five following hints that make up a killer business school essay.

business papers


Write as much as needed, cut milk-and-water off. Businessmen are people of action. Time is money, so a good businessman has not time for bragging or waffle around. For example, if you got a business ethics essay to write, use as many words as you need to develop a topic up to the mark. Need 500 words? Use five hundred words. Need 2000 words? Use two thousand words, as long as you provide a solid read that reviews a topic under every angle.

Think of and develop a truly stunning topic.

Stay every from mundane business essay topics that have been already spoon-fed gazillions of times. On the contrary, come up with something really engaging and captivating, preferably related to your personal experience in business management and finances. A case study is the right direction to follow.

Keep the intro simple. Keep in mind and never forget, an essay for business school isn’t a blog post, a short novel, a horror story, or a love letter. Drama and suspense are alien to business. Talk money, talk business, and do it really quick. MBA applicants should be more direct and goal-oriented. Plus, a hype-like intro might kick you off the rails of what you were actually going to talk about.

Stay away from flattery. Flat-out or subtle and subliminal, flattery works in MBA essays not. Always remember that every single soul in the application committee knows they are the definition of awesome. No need to steal their time reminding they’re awesome. At the end of the day, hearing they are awesome from a mere not-a-freshman-yet doesn’t hit the jackpot at all. But it can irritate people a lot!

business school


Despite a business essay format you pick – a case method or a how-to piece – always deliver a 101% correct piece.

If you have typos, grammar errors and syntax problems in your essay, chances are high no one in the committee will read your work till the middle of the next paragraph.

Need proof? Use Samedaypapers essay maker or check out sample business school essays and try finding at least one tiny mistake. Also, we can your “write my thesis” request.

Good luck with that, as there are none. So, mind your grammar and style p’s and q’s, alongside with fetching a gorgeous MBA application essay.

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