First public school opening in Boston

1635 – Boston Latin School becomes the first public school as well as the oldest existing school in the U.S.

Many interesting and impressive facts are in the world and it is so sad that people always have limited time so they can’t read about all of them. It is normal that a person doesn’t know everything and it doesn’t depend on age – even 90-year-old man can’t answer every question. Some themes are supposed to be sometimes neglected, but the theme of history can’t be included in this list. If you consider yourself a real citizen you have to be aware of the most important events, that formed your country, your nation and history.

All technologies and innovations that you use now or will use in future are happening due to education and numerous experiments. After that, we don’t want to imagine a person, who is not interested in how everything started.



         The foundation of modern education

Most people have never even think about what events and whose achievements laid the groundwork for education system, which we have today.

  • where the first kindergarten appeared;
  • when The first Department of Education was created;
  • how the first test was developed;
  • who is known as the Father of the Yellow School Bus?
  • who is the inventor of the e-book?
  • which school is the oldest one?

A turning point of 1635 year

In 1635 Boston Latin School becomes the first public school. This is the oldest school in the USA. It was founded on April 23. Years ago boys and girls used to go to school separately. Boston Latin School was opened as a school for boys, but through 337 years education became available for girls too.



A few centuries ago, education was not as accessible as it is nowadays. Now you can even select the best educational institution you want to attend. But a lot of people don’t appreciate that. Years ago, many families did not pay much attention to education of children, only the richest could afford to hire a private teacher.

Appearance of Boston Latin School allowed poor to get an education. Many people consider Reverend John Cotton played a big role in the establishment of the school. He was a native of England but due to misunderstandings with the Anglican Church, he had to move to Boston, where he continued his career as an orator.

 First career step

The school is famous for its outstanding graduates including Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ward Beecher, and many others.

If you know the history of your nation, you have already had a great life experience. Use it and don’t forget, that in this moment you are also creating the history. Let it be honorable and glorious! Also, you can buy coursework  or buy an essay online from our service.


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