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Check Your Essay for Unintentional Plagiarism

After writing your academic paper, you will need to ensure that it is completely original before forwarding it to your supervisor. Nobody wants to confront the penalties associated with a paper full of plagiarism. The best approach is to use a free plagiarism checker to help you verify the paper’s content. This can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for before you submit.

With this reliable and free solution like ours, you can avoid college plagiarism penalties without having to invest in software or pay content checking fees. All you need to do is to provide the paper you have written and our tool will give you detailed information about any possible duplicates.

How Our Plagiarism Checker Works

When hiring someone to write my essay same day or coursework, you need a checker for plagiarism that is reliable, efficient, and affordable. Apart from being free, our online duplicate content checking service is straightforward and fast. Within just a few seconds, you will have your results. The system will show you what percentage of content could be flagged as being copied from the internet or other sources.

When you visit our free plagiarism scan page, you will find a form that you can use to check your essay, also you can find here a great summary maker. There is no need to sign up or provide any personal information. Your privacy is completely guaranteed; you can verify whether the paper you have is original and authentic without identifying yourself. You only need to provide the title and content of the paper or upload your document for checking.

Our online tool can detect every single snippet of content that has been stolen from other sources. Whether your paper contains duplicates from the web or from offline academic papers, our system will tell you which public sources it resembles. The search mechanism is thorough. If our system cannot find any similarities, you can rest assured that your teachers won’t, either.

The process of checking the authenticity of your essay with our tool is easy. Simply follow these steps to get instant results for your paper:

  • Visit our free online plagiarism checker with the percentage rate.
  • Choose the type of paper you are verifying from the options listed on the page.
  • Provide the paper topic and the content of the paper. You can either copy and paste it or upload a document. We support various document types, including .txt, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, etc.
  • Press the “check my essay” button.
  • Wait for a few seconds to receive the results of your essay. The result includes the percentage of text that is stolen from the web and highlights the sections flagged, so you can easily tell what should be edited or removed.

What Do the Plagiarism Results Mean?

The percentage of our page returns result indicates how much of your text is not unique. With those results, you can decide what you can do with the paper. You may decide to rewrite the sections that are highlighted.

If the percentage is extremely high, or editing the sections highlighted proves too difficult, you might want to consider a complete rewrite of your essay. We understand that it takes time and effort to produce an original paper, but your supervisor will not accept a paper with duplicate content. Unfair means are taken very seriously in Australia these days. If plagiarism is suspected, students can be penalized harshly. Sometimes, they are even forced to repeat courses or expelled from their programs. Thus, even if the deadline is looming, it’s not worth taking any chances.

Students in Australia who find that their essay papers are suspected of plagiarism might want to consider placing an order to have them written by our professional writers. We can help you create an original essay from scratch. We also make sure that we deliver it before your deadline. We guarantee that all the papers we write are free of plagiarism. You can also use our free plagiarism checker to confirm the originality of your essay before you pay for it.

Why Use Our Free Plagiarism Checker

We created our plagiarism detector and made it freely available to you to ensure that you get the best service without compromising your privacy and budget. Here are the reasons you should use our tool to check your paper’s originality:

1. Privacy Is Assured

When checking your paper against all publicly available materials for plagiarism, your confidentiality is essential. As you can already see, the plagiarism detector on our website is available to you openly. You do not have to register or sign in before you can check an essay. Nobody will know if you are checking any paper, and nobody sees the papers you check.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that our systems do not capture or save the content you check. It uses the text to find duplicate content on the web and gives you feedback. Your material is then discarded. Your paper remains confidential as you use our services. You can see for yourself by trying it out; input some sample content, then test with something similar. Your previous material will not show up, because it was not saved anywhere.

2. Free of Charge

Many “professional” plagiarism checking tools charge you exorbitant fees before you can get your results. For instance, they will ask you to pay a particular amount per word, which makes the use of their services tremendously expensive as you scale up. We understand that students have tight budgets. With our essay plagiarism checker, you will not be required to pay a single penny. Simply submit your document and get your results.

3. Instant Results

We know how valuable your time is. You can’t afford to wait days, hours, or even minutes for your plagiarism report to be sent to you… and you shouldn’t have to! We created a straightforward tool to help you get your plagiarism test results instantly. The longest waits do not exceed 20 seconds. The results will be displayed on your screen right away, so you can get on with the rest of your life!

4. Detailed Information with the Plagiarism Report

In order to fix your paper, you need to know what is wrong with it. That’s why we provide details about the content that is flagged as unoriginal. This way, you can alter those passages accordingly – or insert appropriate citations – and create a paper that conforms to your professor’s expectations. Our online tool helps you to identify unoriginal text by highlighting it on the screen. It also provides you with links to the original sources of duplicate content.

Don’t hesitate to try right away! Don’t forget to check our thesis statement maker and grammar check generator.

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