500 word essay

Writing an essay can be a troublesome task, but it is a requirement in all the educational institutions. An important skill that is also essential if you’re applying for scholarships.

There are many things to consider before starting progress on your paper.

We won’t be going over the major varieties of essays (narrative, descriptive, analytical, etc.)

Instead, we’ll go over the 500-word essay and our writing helper can do it!

These kinds of articles need to adhere to certain criteria before they are graded. And sometimes, these rules differ on an individual basis. But the basic outline is usually the same.

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How much is a 500-word essay?

The limit of 500 words isn’t extremely rigid; it is acceptable to go over or under the word limit. But to avoid confusion, make sure to ask your professor about the word limit beforehand. Some teachers can be more strict about the word count than others.

On a related note, you can ask your teachers for some examples of a well-made essay. Having a proper writing sample will always be helpful in understanding your future assignment.

What does a 500 essay look like?

When fully typed out, total size amounts to a page and a half.

The standard for these kinds of essays is:

Font – Times New Roman,

Font size – 12, with double spaces.

Some professors may want it on a single page with single spaces.

Now that the formatting is done, it’s time to begin work on the essay itself.

Structure essay

1) Introduction

The introduction shouldn’t be long – you need to make a brief and clear statement of your topic.  This will become the primary foundation of your work.

Announce the main idea and outline how you are going to investigate it. Topics for these kinds of essays shouldn’t be broad. You’re not required to go in depth; such a small word limit will not allow it.

You also need to establish a logical pathway with your narrative, make sure to make the transition between the main bodies are as concise as possible. Roughly a hundred words are enough for the introduction.

2) Main body

There are some differences of opinion regarding the main body. In some cases, one paragraph is sufficient, but in other situations – three sections are the norm.

What is important here is structure.

You need to establish a linear narrative and display ideas in a clear way. Build a logical chain of evidence and formulate them in an accessible, presentable manner.

The main body is the longest part of the essay (around three hundred words) and should convey all the main ideas of your topic. Support all your arguments with factual information.

Avoid making assumptions and offering opinions, reasoning and logic should be the primary focus of your work.

3) Conclusion

The conclusion acts as a summary and should present the main ideas displayed in the main body.

You’ll need to rephrase or restate points raised in the main body. Also, make sure to avoid making any new discoveries in this part of your essay.

Rather, formulate it in a way that allows the subject future developments, and it may be attractive to the readers to look forward to.

The remaining hundred words go here.

Additional suggestions:

  • Cite authentic sources for your information.
  • Avoid plagiarism, make the relevant editing changes and never forget to proofread. The last thing you need is an unacceptable mark for allowing typos to be in your work.
  • Once all of is done, try reading it from a different viewpoint — as a professor or a bystander.

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