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Write an analytical essay

19 Dec 2016Writing Tips

What is an analytical essay?

An analysis is a basis for a development of critical thinking. That is why this type of paperwork is the most in demand for the students.

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Let us start with a definition of an analytical essay. It is a document where the author explores an issue or presents an opinion based on fact. It is used for the formulation of the encountered problems.

Most often you will have to analyze another piece of writing or a film, but you could also be asked to explain an issue or an idea. To do this, you must break the topic down into parts and provide an evidence that supports your claim. 

It is significant not to mix up an analytical essay with a summary. An essay should not sound like a book report where you summarize the characters and events. An analytical essay has more narrowed focus than the summary. It concentrates on the way how work was written (for instance, which stylistic devices were used).

To cut a long story short, you have to analyze the small parts of the work to shed light on a general picture.


Most commonly, the students analyze books or research papers in their written university works. However, you can use any subjects. You just need to formulate an idea and support it with any proofs. 

There are some topics which you can find interesting. 


- Сivil Culture as a reflection of social life's diversity.
- Homelessness.
- An institution of the family.
- Multicultural Identity.
- Gender Equality.
- Individual Racism.


- Explain the conventions of the realistic novel.
- Tell about the background of the author.
- Make contrastive characteristics of the characters.
- Describe the way irony is used in a short story.
- Depict the mood of a literary work.
- Explain why the author used these stylistic devices to describe the main character.


- Explain the difference between the original book and a movie based on this book.
- The movies which are based on the real events.
- Examine a remake of a classic film.
- Share your opinion about the political TV show.

To compose an interesting and well-structured analytical essay you should take into account two significant aspects — strong thesis and supportive evidence.

How to create a Strong Thesis?

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A college thesis statement is the main sentence that summarizes the leading idea of your paper. It clarifies what your essay will be about and proves an assumption using the facts and research.

A thesis statement should not be a simple sentence without any argumentations. Do not write the senseless sentences or obvious scientific statements. It should be a complex explanation that has many interconnected ideas.

Find the convincing supportive evidence

It won't be right to persuade a reader with your thesis statement if it is an unproved allegation. A proper evidence makes your argument convincing and reliable. You should obviously include information about the sources of evidence and the authors of the quotations. 

Analytical essay format

A format of the high school analytical essay is not regulated strongly.

However, the following elements serve as a basis:

- annotation
- content
- introduction
- main body
- conclusion
- appendix

An annotation shortly summarizes the essence of the main body. Primarily, it presents information about the goals and objectives of a particular object. The methods and results of the work are no less necessary in this case.

The content presents information about the structural supplements and recommendations. 

Sometimes an introduction is not indented as the separate paragraph but you should obviously include it in your essay.
An introduction gives your reader a background information about your topic. It is preferable to state a thesis in the last sentence of the first paragraph. A thesis should not be longer than two sentences. It summarizes the main idea of your work.

The main body should obviously include a topic sentence, analysis and the examples that can support your arguments. All data should be arranged according to a logical sequence. Each statement you make should be supported by a thesis. 

A conclusion should be brief and relevant. It is a restatement of the main points. You need to write an argument in such a way to change the reader's point of view about a text you analyzed.

Analytical Essay Examples 

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