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06 Jan 2017

What is a movie review? It`s a type of critique which is strongly dependent on which type of film you are reviewing. As a result, it should be written in either formal or informal style, regarding the kind of film you are trying to describe.

While talking about fictional films you can make your overview in an informal style, using familiar words and phrases, which is appreciated in this genre.
Formal style is an entirely different category which demands the high level of education in the relevant field. Overview of such kind can also be called an academic writing assignment.

A scholarly film review should be written in a formal language, using terms and definitions typical to its topic.

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Usually, such type of writing is used by teachers in schools or university professors who want to help their students to work out their critical thinking, writing skills as well as the style while watching some entertaining or scholar film.
Such type of essays is also frequently required during large cinema festivals when film directors from all over the world are sending their movies for presentation and each of them needs a good overview of their works.

Special features of movie review

There are some necessary steps you need to abide while writing a film review.

First, you need to choose which type of film you want or need to study

You are in luck if it was not assigned to you by somebody, so you can choose the topic which you know best.
Usually, writers are not that lucky, and they are given a list of films to choose from or they are assigned to some specific movie as well as restrictions on the style of writing. Regardless of which type of analyst are you, there is a rule to meet certain criteria which depend on the potential reader of your piece of writing.

You need to watch the film at least twice.

It is a time-consuming and boring business, but it is proven by many professional critics.

Don`t even start writing your overview if you watched your film only once – it is regarded to be an unprofessional approach.

So if you want your work to be solid, you should watch your film at least twice

You should have a considerate background knowledge.

Not only about the movie but of its director, whether his team was professional or dilettante. Usually, there is a demand to describe a prehistory to film`s creation as well as possible existing books which were screen-adapted in it. And don`t forget to add some peculiar, interesting facts about the movie, which will make your review more palatable.

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