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The process is simple. We tailored our workflow to make it comfortable for both customers and thouse who would like to join the team and provide their service as writing experts on our site.

For our customers:

When placing an order, please describe in details what kind of paper you are looking for. Please provide us with all the important requirements and recommendations so that we could meet your expectations. After you post the order, the registered writers will be able to see your assignment and bid on it.

You can choose the best writer of those you responded to your task. You may base your decision on the writer’s completed orders history, customer feedback, rating scores and other aspects.

The next step is payment. The writer to your choice will start the writing process immediately after you complete the transaction. However, the funds will be released only when you are satisfied with the results and approve the  provided paper.

For writers, who want to join our team:

Prior to accepting a task, you should register on our website as a writer. After completing the registration process, you can take a look on different assignments posted by our clients.

You can also review clients ratings and comments from other writers before you start bidding on the order.

When you’ve decided on the job posting, you can place a bid on it. Please, make sure you are capable to follow the guidelines and complete the details on the posting.

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