Reflective essays

What do you know about a reflective essay? What is the effect of a reflective essay on writing skills improvement? The majority of students have no idea how to write it and why do we need it. Let’s consider the basics of this kind of “pay someone to write my paper” or “write a thesis for me” request.


First of all, we have to define what a reflective essay is. This type of academic writing is similar to aportfolio which reflects writer’s individual experience. You have to estimate your current achievements and chalk out you future goals. Here you are to analyze yourstrong and weak points as well as the ways to improve them. That’s why when writing reflective essaysit is better to use mainly the descriptive language.

Concerning reflective essay topics, ideas of students may vary from a description of their life events to their writing experience overview. But still, college reflective essays mainly require students to describe their achievements in education. In reflective essays you are to write about yourself, your opinions and viewpoints. Thus, it is completely acceptable to use personal pronouns like “me” and “I”.

To learn about the structure of the paper, you can examine any example of reflective essay accomplished by writing helper or essay maker. Generally speaking, its structure is similar to any other essay and consists of the Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. As far as a thesis statement goes, it is not obligatory, if you are not going to dispute any point of view. Every essay should be formatted according to a particular style like APA, MLA, etc.


Reflective essays samples are very useful for academic writing beginners. Prior to mastering your own paper, get inspiration from several examples accomplished by true experts. You can also pick some useful ideas on how to develop a topic or how to divide your essay into logical and coherent parts.

Using a quality reflective essay template you can also get to know about the allowed length of paragraphs and their required quantity for various essay parts. For example, your Introduction shouldn’t be longer than one paragraph. You can also learn what kind of information to provide in each of the three essential paper parts.

Introduction to a reflective essay describes only the purpose of your message.

Here you tell about your achievements in brief. All the details of your development are to be discussed in the Main Body part.

In the conclusion, you remind the audience about the means you implied to meet your goals.

Given it is a reflective essay, your reader shouldn’t have doubts regarding your paper demonstrating your abilities and mastery. That is why you are to resort to a slight redundancy in your conclusion summarising information from the Main Body. Good luck!

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