How research is used in Charles Schwab Corporation


Established in 1986, Charles Schwab Corporation (CSC) incorporated, is one of the leading monetary holding corporation that is connected with banking and other associated monetary service (Charles Schwab Corp: Company Description). CSC offers monetary services to persons and organizational customers using the Schwab Institutional and Investor Services (Charles Schwab Corp: Company Description).
Charles Schwab Corporation presents a variety of products to attend to its clients’ investment and financial needs, it includes brokerage, banking and mutual funds (Charles Schwab Corp: Company Description).

The brokerage category includes: different asset administration accounts, as well as a number of those that have the attribute of check writing; debit card, bill pay; personal retirement accounts; retirement plans that are suitable for small to large businesses, savings accounts, and also margin loans (Charles Schwab Corp: Company Description).

The banking category includes principal credits, credits in line with home equity, and mortgages. Credit cards, deposit certificate, and checking accounts can also be included in the banking type (Charles Schwab Corp: Company Description). The mutual fund’s category includes all the mutual funds of the company coming from a third party, the two fund families (Schwab and Laudus), fund trading, and the company itself (Charles Schwab Corp: Company Description).
Schwab provides various Internet-based research and analysis tools, like equity rating that presents it’s customer a ranking of about three thousand stocks (Charles Schwab Corp: Company Description). The company aims to provide their customers with a personalized answer based on continuing investment approach and they also supervise their client on portfolio and asset allotment.


Research conducted by Charles Schwab Corporation includes business analysis and study of the situation of a company when it comes to competition, as well as sanitization of monetary reports. A fresh step in creating a product is business analysis. It is where the preparation of the starting marketing strategy is organized which contains an approximation of the profitability, sales, and cost. Business analysis assists the company in developing its process of accomplishing its objectives and activities to have an overall cost reduction, more effective utilization of resources, and improved customer support (Process Analysis).

It employs information gathering, documentation of results, comparison of notes, analyzing the results, presentation of the report, then revision of the diagrams and models to make a picture of how the business is done (Process Analysis). Having a business analysis helps the company know their business information technology needs which also includes expressing such needs as business requirements, processes, and rules as interpreted by the business society and the information professionals.

Analysis of the competitive position of the company includes checking how strongly the firm holds it’s present competitive position, whether the firm’s position can be expected to improve or deteriorate if present strategy is continued, how the firm ranks relative to key rivals on each important measure of competitive strength or industry, and whether the firm has a sustainable competitive advantage or is at a disadvantage. Sanitization of financial statements gives a picture of how the company performs using financial and charts to analyze the company’s development.
The Schwab Center for Financial Research (SCFR), a part of the Charles Schwab & Co, Inc, brings advice, research and instruments to help make better-investing decisions (Investment Research).

Schwab has clients across the nation that consults on their experts about the condition of the economy, market, and their retirement.

They also present a closer view about financial planning, portfolio approach, and even about how to select bonds, stocks and mutual funds (Investment Research).

Schwab Center for Financial Research also brings intent, and factual analysis of major investing subjects, like: the markets, the economy, retirement, portfolio management, investment strategy and financial planning. The method employed by Schwab is objective and focused only on what their investor are in need, so their convenient recommendation aids their client to arrive with the best investment choice (Investment Research).
Schwab performs continuing research and presents idea generation to augment the present organized products to observe the increase in research knowledge. Schwab provides in-depth macroeconomic research, generates ideas to develop new quantitative products or enhance existing products to reflect growth in research knowledge, builds quantitative research capabilities, leverage existing knowledge and products into other areas and improve research efficiency, researches equity mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, provides daily and monthly commentary on the markets including goal-oriented investing strategies, risk-reduction techniques and portfolio analysis.
Schwab defines, develops, and delivers report and analysis with accuracy, strong business insight, outstanding productivity and attention to detail to help them come up with a better business and marketing strategy and decision.

They also assess their decision-making and reporting needs, and recommend appropriate metrics, either from existing reports or from new reports to be developed, apply automation techniques to existing reports to reduce manual effort required and to increase accuracy and reproducibility, develop and apply a deep and broad understanding of the underlying business and marketing issues that the reports are intended to address, in order to ensure it’s accuracy and relevance and to help define and deliver the most impactful enhancements


A company must have a comprehensive knowledge of the issues it faces to have come up with a good strategy. Every decision that is being made by the company’s deciding body is vital. The company and their client must be properly informed of the current situation of the behavior of the markets, economy, retirement, portfolio management, investment strategy and financial planning to help them come up with the right decisions and a better strategy.

Past or outdated research findings might not be suitable anymore for the current market and sales situation. Research must be done regularly to keep on track with the present updates.
Further monitoring on the result of the actions taken must also be done to determine the possible need for revision.

Additional study can be implemented to monitor the outcome and determine the need for any further improvement.

The whole practice assists the company in having their product meet the expectations of their clients.
Past and present data can be analyzed together to come up with a trend that could forecast the possible events that might happen in the future. If such predictions can be proved to be useful, a relationship can be established between the results of the data and the factors that influence it such as political and economic factors.
Since research inputs numerous data to the company, these data must be also accessible for future utilization.

Database can be created to compile the gathered information to make it more accessible. It will organize the flow and amount of data needed by the company to ensure an efficient system of collecting and using the information needed.

It would be a very helpful guide to the decision making the body in arriving at competitive choices for an effective allocation of their marketing, sales, and communication resources.

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