System Training

This essay aims to explain the system training approach, citing examples of major corporations which use this method.

From the broadest point of view, the goal of training is to contribute to the overall goals of the organizations, and training managers should operate with this in mind (Bohlander and Snell, 2004).

Unfortunately, some organizations fail to make this connection and much money and time is wasted.  This can have a direct impact upon the effect of the organization overall. In order to avoid this wastage, and make sure that investments in training and development have the maximum effect possible upon both individual and organization, a systems approach to training must be used, (text book reference).


This involves the following four steps:

1) Needs assessment,

2) program design,

3) implementation and

4) evaluation. (Bohlander and Snell, 2004)

A full, comprehensive needs assessment of where the shortfalls are must be conducted. This will show exactly what training is required in the company. This must be done in a complete way, investigating all the avenues to get a full scope of what is required.

The program design and implementation are of utmost importance as it is the content and execution that will ensure that best results are achieved.  And finally, evaluation is exceptionally important.

What use is it to do training when you don’t know how effective it has been, indeed if it has had any effect at all, or if the wrong things have been learned?

Assessment needs to be done to ensure that the initial goals have been achieved, and if they have not been achieved, how to redress this.

In this way the ultimate goals of the training program and indeed of the organization can and will be achieved.


Bohlander, G, and Snell, S (2004), Managing Human Resources, Southwestern Publishing Company

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