The Best Medical Dissertation Topics

Clinical Management

  1. Perceived management issues and ways to improve health care for children with celiac disease.
  2. Patterns of primary glaucoma disease and the improvement of treatment management.
  3. Management issues of providing hospital care for patients with malignant breast tumors.
  4. Psychological treatment and medical management of drug dependent prisoners.
  5. Prehospital, inter-organizational technologies in the development of community-based psychosocial forms of substance abuse and mental health care.
  6. Management strategies and health care for patients with cardiovascular disease.
  7. Optimal management strategies for stroke patients in medical institutions.
  8. Clinical management risks concerning prostate cancer patients.
  9. The best medical strategies for people with post traumatic stress disorder.
  10. Methods in taking care of patient and managing patients with acute pain.

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Occupational Health

  1. Occupational health aspects of formation and correction of psycho-vegetative disorders among poultry farms workers.
  2. The occupational stress of policemen and its long-term aftermath.
  3. Occupational assessments of working conditions and their optimization on modern enterprises of power engineering.
  4. Occupational safety aspects of factories workers.
  5. Working conditions and genetic markers of the reproductive health of petrochemical plant workers.
  6. Comprehensive assessment of the impact of the environment and working conditions on the health of nurses.
  7. Techniques of preventing illnesses and injuries, which are related to work.
  8. The psychology of occupational health in stress management.
  9. Preventing the negative impact of mineral fertilizers on the environment and plant workers.
  10. Assessment of working conditions and the incidence on workers from sewage pumping stations.

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