Top 40 Different Research Topics

Research Paper Topics on Business

  1. How sustainable development affects international businesses
  2. Making ethical decisions in an everyday workplace
  3. Building a flourishing startup: everything there is to know
  4. How does climate change influence the decision making in an international business
  5. Family business or entrepreneurship: what is more effective?
  6. Famous business leaders and their road to success
  7. What are dirty business tactics and how exactly do they work?
  8. Pros and cons of expanding a business into a new area or overseas
  9. 10 proven strategies to keep a small business from failing
  10. Is it possible to start a successful business without any money?

Research Paper Topics on Culture

  1. How did racial discrimination originate?
  2. 10 most prominent cultural events of the 20th century and how they affected the society of today
  3. How did culture change in the Victorian era?
  4. How it today’s youth affected by pop culture?
  5. The importance of Greek culture and its influence on the ancient Mediterranean world
  6. Why has antisemitism appeared in the society?
  7. A guide to the history of cultural revolutions
  8. How modern art is influenced by advertisements and commercials
  9. How past events get reassessed in today’s setting
  10. Is it ethical to put photographs of pregnant celebrities on magazine covers?

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Research Paper Topics on Entertainment and Sport

  1. Social networking: good or bad for our society?
  2. Are violent video games really to blame for problems in children’s behavior?
  3. Are beauty contests making beauty standards even more unachievable?
  4. Are modern media gradually replacing newspapers?
  5. Is the youth of today being influenced by gaming consoles?
  6. Women competing against men: is it really fair?
  7. Which of today’s TV programs need to be banned and why?
  8. How fake moral standards are imposed by television
  9. How the self-esteem of teens is affected by social media

Research Paper Topics on Medicine

  1. How does cow milk affect our health?
  2. Is it safe for children to be vegetarians?
  3. The effect of obesity on our health
  4. Is there any way to avoid animal testing?
  5. Can pharmaceutical companies advertise prescription drugs directly to buyers?
  6. The role of doctors in the growing nation’s drug addiction
  7. Should life-sustaining therapy be applied with no expected effect?
  8. How the society views on vaccines change
  9. The use of medical marijuana: pros and cons
  10. The importance of placebo treatment in medicine

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