American History Research Paper Topics

American History Research Paper Topics

Civil and Human Rights

  1. Segregated churches and restaurants.
  2. Discuss the case Plessy versus Ferguson.
  3. How important  was the Voting Act Rights to the blacks.
  4. Did Jim Crow make people of color have unbearable lives?
  5. What role did the black panthers play in civil rights.
  6. Discuss the Civil Rights Act 1964.
  7. Rosa Parks.
  8. How did the segregation affect the American music industry?
  9. Martin Luther King
  10. Exclusion from tertiary education centres.

American Revolution

  1. The Tea Act.
  2. The French Alliance and the winning of America’s Independence.
  3. What was the extensive role played by the African American in the revolution.
  4. Discuss why the American victory at the Battle of The Great Bridge significant.
  5. What important role did the Militia play in the revolution.
  6. Explore the Yorktown Chronicles and mention George Washington and Charles Cornwallis.
  7. Discuss the Siege of the Yorktown Timeline.
  8. Was there revolutionary espionage?
  9. Boston Massacre?
  10. What was the effect of the revolution to the society

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Civil War

  1. What impact had the underground railroad on the civil war?
  2. How were the people shaped by the the legacy of the civil war in Arkansas?
  3. The Army of the Northern Virginia.
  4. The Peninsula Campaign.
  5. Native Americans in the civil war.
  6. Fort Pillow Massacre.
  7. Nat Turner Rebellion.
  8. The Naval War in Arkansas.

Native American

  1. Evaluate the way of life for the Native American.
  2. The origin of the Indian American.
  3. Voodooism and the native American.
  4. The ghost and sun dance.
  5. What is the effect of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.
  6. The Cherokee and the Trail of Tears.
  7. Write a paper on the Indian Removal Act and its impact even today.
  8. Mountain Meadow Massacre.
  9. What is the controversy surrounding “red skins” and Indians?
  10. Write about the unique culture, history and religion of the native American.

Famous People in History

  1. Abraham Lincoln.
  2. Margaret Fuller.
  3. Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  4. Thomas Jefferson.
  5. Susan Anthony.
  6. Ronald Reagan.
  7. James Madison.
  8. Woodrow Wilson.
  9. Benjamin Franklin.
  10. Malcolm X.

Westward Expansion

  1. Discuss Nebraska Arkansas Act.
  2. The Oregon Trail and the Westward expansion.
  3. Westward expansion and the compromise of 1850.
  4. The Mexican War and the Westward expansion.
  5. Discuss the manifest destiny in line with the timeline westward expansion.

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