How to choose your ideal university: some life hacks

Choosing the school to study in is often much more simpler than choosing the university. Maybe because that decision is taken by parents or maybe the choice is not so wide and hard: you just attend the school situated in the district you live in.

When the question of choosing the institution arises, you are already adult enough to make this important decision on your own. It will affect your future, it will open the certain way, it will influence on what people will surround you and what life story will be written by you. So, let’s consider some tips to help you with forming your unique personality.

Your career has already started

First of all, think about your interests. In your age, you have already had particular interests, skills, knowledge, and experience. Explore which higher education institution might help you to develop them and focus all efforts on necessary direction. Search, which universities have departments that are in your field of interests. Think where do you want to be in 15 years and how can this specialty help you get there.

Where must I look for?

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  • your city
  • your region
  • your country
  • your continent
  • the whole world

The decision with a selection of location depends on many factors. Think if it is necessary be within 15 minutes from parents or being few hours away from home is an ideal distance for you. Studying abroad also has its advantages and opportunities.

What size is perfect?

The size is important because of some things. Look at the overall campus structure and think if you are seeking to meet many new faces or if you prefer to know everybody by name. In big campus you have to hurry and get between classes quickly. Finally, look at the teacher-to-student ratio. Avoid too big campuses if you want to get more attention of your professor in the class.

What more it has to offer?

Lessons are important, but don’t focus only on one certain class or faculty. Decide to be involved in all aspects of university life. Explore which universities offer best basketball or football communities, if sport is an essential part of your life or maybe the university has a student club the member of which you would like to become. Consider the size of its library, volunteer opportunities, etc.

The price of knowledge

Work out a budget for education. Ask your parents for help or think how much money you want and more important – can pay for education. There are many opportunities; knowledge becomes closer to everyone who really needs it.



Remember, that nowadays we visit university not to get knowledge. Today, universities aren’t the key to knowledge, they used to be a while ago, but they’re not anymore. Modern university aims to teach students to build their point of view, analyze data, reason, write a research papers, solve problems and think logically.

Education is not the key to happiness, but it is the key to many “closed doors” that you’ll face numerous times in your life. Education gives you future opportunities that can make you happy. With that in mind, you need to select taking into account all smallest details because this choice can change your life once and forever and grand you great future.

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