How to Start a Dissertation Introduction With Ease

The dissertation introduction is the first thing that the readers will see in your work. A strong and logically described opening clause helps your readers to imagine your chain of thoughts and ideas.



It is often hard to start writing the introduction, maybe because of the information overflow, so we prepared some advices how to start a thesis introduction.

Vise versa

Our writing helper recommend to work on the opening part in the end. The question how to start a dissertation introduction is very important, so when writing your main part of the work always think how you will represent the key assertions. But maybe it is easier for you to start your dissertation writing with introduction when your mind is clear. Make the outline of introduction when you have some ideas but do not neglect returning to it to update the information as your ideas develop.

From inspiration to the process

Think how to start a dissertation introduction. Examine the next questions:

  • What? Outline the problem.
  • Why? Explain why this is worth attention and what you expect as result.
  • What is your claim? Tell your readers about your thoughts and ideas. You have a particular hypothesis. You have your own understanding what is going on. Let the readers get acquainted with it.
  • How? What methods you will use in your research.
  • Contribution or not? Try to explain what contribution your research can have into what is already known. Prove that your information is new and useful.
  • Who? Who is going to benefit from your research and what part of society it will influence?
  • Are there any problems? What limitations and constraints you have faced during your writing. Tell about the lack of information or poor access to the sources.

Questions, which are considered both in introduction and conclusion are approximately the same: what, why, how. But the answers are different. You can also mention what information about your subject is already known and introduce the scientists, who had already investigated the topic.

Some mentors prefer students to elucidate their literature analysis and review into the opening part of dissertation, others like it to be kept separate.

When your tutor is looking through the draft, ask him to comment on your introduction too, he can give a fresh look and advise to change something.

Make it easier!

In your dissertation introduction avoid extremely professional vocabulary. In the end of it you may set out the structure of the dissertation and the order of chapters.

You are your own supervisor!

When you finish your introduction read it as an independent expert. Imagine this is not your paper, you are not this person who worked on this project. Read the introduction and think if you believe that person? Do you believe that his topic is important and his thoughts are clear and meaningful? Will you read the rest of that work after such introduction? If you will we can consider the job well done. Also, you can buy coursework online from our service.

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